27 марта 2015

«Радостные упаковки» от Brandiziac обсуждают в Индии

Индийское печатное издание CreativeGaga обратилось к директору агентства brandiziac Артему Шутову с просьбой дать интервью.
Полный текст получившегося в сотрудничестве с журналом материала дает представление о философии агентства, подходе к креативу и дизайн-разработкам, технологии работы (ниже приводится полностью на языке оригинала):

Packs of Fun

Russian based branding company, Brandiziac, makes every design fun and engaging.

Packaging has universal standards and appeal. No matter where you are, the structure, concept and technology remain the same. Brandiziac, a branding agency in Russia, believes that being different can make all the difference. Here, they unfold some mysteries to help us better understand branding and packaging design and its relevance in today's world.

Design using your head over your heart.

Creativity can be of various forms, but in packaging design, and other forms as well, it needs to be channelized and questioned. While designing, there are a few boxes that need to be ticked in order to make for a successful artwork. First is individuality, where memorability and uniqueness needs to be strived for. Purity and clarity is another key factor. This is where communication needs to be clear and concise, so that the consumer understands from the first sight what the product is and what it stands for. Stand out factor is crucial also. One of the key role of packaging is to grab attention. During the course of a project, designers often go to a store and test their designs on the shelves. Lastly, adaptability and practicality need to be incorporated as well. There should always be a sense of continuity for future products for the brand and a user-centric focus.

From sketch to finish.

Every project is new and fresh and like a child, needs special and personalized attention. From 20/20, brainstorming and other such creative methodologies, a lot of attention is given to the analysis of works of competitors and peers. Some things are standard though, like briefing, followed by sketching and then revision of projects etc. Once the client waves the green flag, other resources might be involved like photographers, illustrators and artists.

People go for the colour.

Packaging isn't solely based on colour- everything is important, like fonts, graphic techniques and composition. Colour is part of the team, but it's perhaps one of the characters that people love to look at. It can be noted that it often helps create differentiation and allows for people to choose one product over another.

Used once. Used twice.

Packaging no longer is simply a square box. The shapes have changed and so have the ideologies, post-printing processes and technologies behind it. New and unusual types of paper and cardboard have emerged bringing about the concept of reuse and recycle. Environmentally friendly packaging is important in today's world and designers must design around the possibility of reuse.

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